FIO Block Producer

Our mission is to  provide a robust, secure and trusted platform for the FIO decentralized autonomous consortium. We support FIO through community outreach & evangelism.

Buy – Sell – Swap

Choose from more than 50,000 exchange pairs. The safe and secure way to swap crypto cryptocurrencies. Our services are available globally.


Crypto hardware, clothing, accessories, and more. We use a decentralized global fulfillment network to ensure reliability and to optimize shipping and distribution.

Market Data

CoinSimba provides a detailed analysis of cryptocurrency markets. We track price, volume, market capitalization, industry news,  and social metrics.

The Bitcoin Show

Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, was created in 2009 by an anonymous individual or group using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Since then, it has emerged as a revolutionary digital currency that has disrupted traditional financial systems and changed the way people transact value online.



A one-stop shop for all things FIO.

Consolidating FIO news & information from Twitter, Telegram and the FIO Foundation. is your single source for development news & wallet or exchange integrations.


Simba Social + Mastodon

Currency Hub has joined the Mastodon fediverse with our new service: Simba.Social.

Radically different social media.
You know best what you want to see on your home feed. No algorithms or ads to waste your time. Follow anyone across any Mastodon server from a single account and receive their posts in chronological order, and make your corner of the internet a little more like you. 


"I believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency will fundamentally change the way the world does business."

– Brad Spannbauer, Founder of Currency Hub