Enigma is securing the future of the web. 

 Enigma Token Now Available on Currency Hub

Enigma wants to build a better internet by solving for privacy.

Enigma builds and supports groundbreaking privacy-focused technologies and networks. They are a core contributor to the Secret Network, a unique blockchain-based network where computations can be performed on encrypted data. Enigma’s mission: improve the adoption and usability of privacy-first products, for the benefit of all.

Enigma started at MIT in 2015 with a vision: solve the privacy crisis caused by today’s broken, over-centralized internet. A more decentralized internet, based on decentralized protocols and privacy-first products, can create enormous value, opportunity, and freedom for millions of people.

Now on Currency Hub, you can buy and sell ENG token, the native digital currency of the Enigma protocol.


About Enigma: We are securing the decentralized web. We solve for privacy with “secret” smart contracts, allowing dApps and blockchains to use private/sensitive data.

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