How to get your mom to start using Cryptocurrency

How to get your mom to start using Cryptocurrency

How to Get Your Mom to Start Using Cryptocurrency

Why we need to support the FIO Foundation.

  April 7, 2020

Usability is the achilles heel of crypto adoption

Finding our way to mass adoption

This is where FIO comes in.

A look to the future

To succeed we all need to participate

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20+ Countries can now buy Bitcoin on Currency Hub

20+ Countries can now buy Bitcoin on Currency Hub

Apple Pay & Debit Card support now available in over 20 countries

Purchasing Crypto with Apple Pay & Debit Card is now available in over 20+ countriesBitcoin


March 27, 2020 has added support for purchasing Bitcoin. Ethereum and other cryptocurrincy in more than 20 countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. Thaks to our partner Wyre we are able to support even more crypto options globally.

Providing easy access to cryptocurrency is key to our success and we are excited to add this service for our users arould the world.

Fees: The cost will be 3.9% + $0.30 per transaction.
Supported Currencies: We will only be taking USD to start with and shortly introducing EUR/GBP/AUD as additional “source currencies.”
International users do not have to have USD in their bank account to use the service. There will be a conversion done by our payment processor at the time of the transaction.

Read the full story on the Wyre blog.Purchase Crypto on WYRE

About Currency Hub 
With support for trading 150+ cryptocurrencies and fiat to crypto purchases, is non-custodial cryptocurrency trading platform. Every transaction is encrypted, secure and verified. It is a state-of-the-art platform with an easy to use interface allowing anyone to safely buy and trade cryptocurrency. For more information, please visit or email


About Wyre
Wyre is a regulated payment institution that connects fiat rails to blockchain ecosystems. Founded in 2013, Wyre has traded $3.5 billion in cryptocurrency assets in-house and has completed more than $1 billion in blockchain-powered cross-border payments. Operating an intricate global payment infrastructure that includes relationships with regulated counterparties, Wyre has procured not only same-day settlements but deep liquidity at best pricing & execution. Wyre is also one of the few US-licensed money transmitters in the crypto space and is proactively compliant with regulations. For more information, please visit

What is a Non-Custodial Platform?

What is a Non-Custodial Platform?

Non-Custodial Crypto-Trading Platform Vs. Exchange

The Benefits of Using a Non-Custodial Cryptocurrency Trading Platform vs Keeping Crypto on an Exchange


If you are looking to trade cryptocurrency assets for a profit, then there are several different options for how to do so. Where cryptocurrency exchanges used to be consolidated and not very widespread, they are now popping up on a daily basis. The first step to being able to effectively trade cryptocurrencies is to find a trustworthy and secure way to transact your cryptocurrency assets. If protecting your assets and maximizing your trading efforts is your goal, then a non-custodial cryptocurrency trading platform might be the best option for you.

There are many benefits to using a non-custodial cryptocurrency trading platform such as and If you are not using a non-custodial cryptocurrency trading platform, you are not only putting your assets at increased risk, but you are also not living up to your full potential as a trader. Here are some of the benefits that you will be able to enjoy when you choose a non-custodial cryptocurrency trading platform instead of a traditional cryptocurrency exchange.

The first benefit of using a non-custodial crypto trading platform as opposed to keeping your funds on a crypto exchange is the security that you will have. When you keep your funds on a traditional crypto exchange, you are trusting a third party to hold your funds for you. The exchange that you use will control all of the private keys and in the event of a breach, your funds would be lost, regardless of whether you know how to properly store cryptocurrency or not.

With a non-custodial crypto trading platform, you will be empowered to trade without trusting the storage of your crypto to a third party. This means that you can take necessary measures to protect your own assets and use preferred security techniques.


If you have been trading cryptocurrency for any length of time, you already know how volatile and fast the crypto markets can be when compared to traditional markets. In a market like this, it is crucially important to be able to adapt and act as a trader with a moment’s notice. With an intuitive non-custodial trading platform that is easy to use, you’ll be able to conduct transactions quickly, easily, and without delay to empower you as a trader and speed up your operations.

Arbitrage Opportunities
With a non-custodial trading platform, you’ll be able to trade on multiple exchanges from a central location. This allows you to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities if you choose to do so. Since crypto prices are so volatile, the ability to trade on multiple exchanges from one wallet becomes a potential opportunity to make money through arbitrage.

More Trading Options
Since a non-custodial crypto trading platform can connect to multiple different exchanges, you’ll have more trading options than ever before. Whether you want to trade large-cap cryptos with high volume or small-cap cryptos that nobody else knows about, a non-custodial trading platform is the best option to allow you to trade all of your favorite assets with ease from a central location.

With support for trading 150+ cryptocurrencies and fiat to crypto purchases, and are non-custodial cryptocurrency trading platforms where every transaction is encrypted, secure, and verified. It’s built using state-of-the-art tech with an appealing interface that allows anyone to safely buy and trade cryptocurrency. For more information, visit